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LeFun Wireless Surveillance Camera Video Baby Monitor C2 – Review

What’s better than being able to watch your infant or toddler while you are doing other things around your house? It can be hard to do multiple things at once, but if you use the advanced technology that is available to you nowadays, you can be more efficient with your time and still keep your child safe.

That has never been truer than when you have the LeFun Baby Monitor Nanny Cam. Ease of functionality is one of the best features of this product, but it is also great because of all the added features that will help keep your child safe. If you are constantly on the go and have a hard time staying productive when your child is around, then this is the perfect video baby monitor for you!

Product Details for the LeFun Wireless Surveillance Camera Video Baby Monitor

There are so many convenient features with this video baby monitor that’s it’s hard to mention all of them. Here is a brief summary of the most important and convenient features that relate to you:lefun

• Wide angle allows you to pan horizontally and tilt vertically
• Clear HD 720P monitor
• Two-way audio
• Infrared night vision
• Works with WiFi Connection
• Motion detection for automatic picture capture or video recording
• SD card capability with up to 32 GB of storage (not included)

Pros for the LeFun Wireless Surveillance Camera Video Baby Monitor

With so many features available, sometimes products can be difficult to setup or use. That is not the case with the LeFun Baby Monito. It is simple to set up and is even easier to use and customize however you want to use it.

When used as a video baby monitor, you will enjoy being able to take videos and snapshots while watching your child. The ability to pan and tilt the camera is also a feature that many people really like. You can see virtually any corner of any room when you have the ability to move the camera as much as you can with this one. People use this particular camera as a security camera around their home, so it is definitely suitable to use as a video baby monitor.

Cons for the LeFun Wireless Surveillance Camera Video Baby Monitor

Sometimes when there are a lot of features on a product like this, nothing works exceptionally well since there are so many moving parts. People have had trouble with connection issues and also say that the picture quality isn’t what it should be. You can connect to the system with an app on your phone, which is convenient when it works. That is another one of those features that is nice to have, but it doesn’t always work how it’s supposed to.

Should You Buy the LeFun Wireless Surveillance Camera Video Baby Monitor?lefun-2

If you are looking for a video baby monitor that can be used for other surveillance reasons around your home, then the LeFun Baby Monitor is definitely a product you should consider. However, if you are only looking for a product specifically to watch your baby with, then there may be too many features that you don’t need. But it is still available on Amazon for a decent value, so it may be worth giving a shot.

About LeFun

LeFun was founded in 2010 and has quickly become a known brand worldwide. Innovation is what they take pride in, as they manufacture anything from surveillance cameras to smart watches and smart phones. Some of their products are so innovative that they have multiple functions that will make your life easier. Whether you are a tech savvy person or someone who doesn’t like to deal with technology, LeFun has a product for you.

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