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WiFi for Video Baby Monitors is the Greatest Feature Yet

Nowadays it seems like every device that you buy can connect to WiFi. In fact, if something doesn’t connect to WiFi, it’s pretty much considered outdated technology. While that’s not necessarily the case with video baby monitors, more of them are beginning to have WiFi capabilities.

There are definitely pros and cons to having a WiFi-powered video baby monitor, but the benefits definitely outweigh the disadvantages from a usability standpoint. Imagine being able to watch your child play when you are on a business trip in another state. It’s almost like you never left home!

Positives About Video Baby Monitors with WiFi

The main benefit is being able to keep a watchful eye on your child wherever you are. You don’t have to worry about being out of range at all. If you need to do some yard work, you can still watch them. If your spouse is at home, but you need to run to the grocery store or go somewhere else, you can check in on them as well. Anywhere there is a WiFi connection, you can securely view your baby, which is one of the neatest things about video monitor

With a traditional video baby monitor, you have to carry around the actual monitor, which can be a bit of a hassle. Most of us always have our smartphones with us, so that’s another reason why the WiFi-enabled video baby monitors are convenient. You won’t have to worry about holding a separate device, and most monitors come with a free app that you can download!

Negatives About Video Baby Monitors with WiFi

Like most technology, the worst thing about having a video baby monitor with WiFi is when the wireless signal weakens or goes out completely. This doesn’t have anything to do with the monitor itself, but if your WiFi at home isn’t very reliable, then you will get frustrated if you have a video baby monitor that connects with it.

There’s also the issue of security. It’s widely known that anyone can use your WiFi if it’s not password protected and secure. Even then, some people may be able to hack in and use your signal. If that happens, then there’s a chance that someone can watch your child on the monitor through the signal. That is extremely rare, but it is still a possibility.

In general, the negatives that are possible with a WiFi-enabled video baby monitor aren’t any different than with other technology, but since you are dealing with your child’s safety, you can never be too cautious.

Best Video Baby Monitor with WiFi

A lot of video baby monitors on the market today have WiFi capability, so you will need to look at the security features and reliability that they offer to determine which one is the best for you. After reviewing many video baby monitors, we’ve decided on one of the top models to share with you.

Summer Infant Baby Zoom Wi-Fi Video Monitor and Internet Viewing System, Link Wi-Fi Series

This is a great video baby monitor because you have the opportunity to download a free app for your Apple and Android mobile devices. It’s quick and easy to set up and you can view your child from virtually anywhere. Bbaby video monitor9ut if you’re at home and don’t want to use up your battery power on your phone, then it also comes with the standard remote with a 2.5” high resolution color screen.

The camera can also pan, zoom, scan and has a built-in two-way communication feature. When you’re in the mobile app, you can take pictures and record videos whenever you want. There are also privacy features that will give you control over when your friends and family can view through the app, if you choose to share that information with them.

A lot of video baby monitors have WiFi capabilities, but this one has some of the best features available. And it’s not a terribly expensive price either. You will pay a little more for the additional features, but you will likely find yourself using most of them. For parents that are always on the go, this is one of the best video baby monitors you can buy in order to always have a watchful eye on your child.

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