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Video Baby Monitors With a Sensor Pad Could Save a Life

Becoming a parent comes with a ton of responsibility. If you’re a brand new parent, then you probably don’t want your child to be out of sight for more than just a few minutes at a time. As a result, sleep deprivation for you will set in quickly. Luckily, technology has advanced to the point where we can hear, see and even know when our baby is moving.

Some video baby monitors come with sensor pads that detect when your baby moves. These are highly sensitive sensors that can even detect slow breathing movements. If the sensor doesn’t detect movement after several seconds, then you will be alerted somehow. Talk about peace of mind!

Benefits of Video Baby Monitors with Sensor Pads

angelcare-2During the first several months of your baby’s life, you may be worried about them when they are sleeping in their crib. There is no worse thought in the world than thinking that you child isn’t breathing for some reason. That’s where the movement sensor pad helps. SIDS is one of the most traumatic and fearful thoughts that run through any parent’s mind. While video baby monitors don’t directly prevent SIDS, they will go a long way in alerting you when something isn’t quite right.

As mentioned, the sensors are extremely sensitive, so they generally won’t set off many false alarms. The sensor pads can either be placed under the mattress, or some even have a clip where you can clip the sensor on your baby’s diaper. Both are just as effective, so you’ll just have to determine which one is best for your situation.

Controversy Surrounding Video Baby Monitors with Sensor Pads

Companies who make video baby monitors with sensor pads don’t claim that they prevent SIDS, but they use language that suggests it most of the time. However, all it takes is one false alarm to get your heart racing and get you questioning the reliability of the sensor pad. A false alarm is a traumatic experience because you don’t know what to believe anymore. You don’t know if your baby actually did stop moving or if the sensor just had a malfunction. Either way, it’s not a very good experience for parents.

There have also been a couple cases where children have died in their cribs as a result of strangulation with the cord from the sensor. When the sensor pad is placed under the mattress, a child could reach over and grab the cord that goes through the crib and into the wall outlet. If they happen to roll over, they could accidentally strangle themselves to death.

Safest and Most Reliable Video Baby Monitor with Sensor Pad

There are a lot of positives and negatives about video baby monitors with sensor pads. Angelcare is widely regarded as the top manufacturer of these types of monitors. Here is one of their best models that you should consider.

Angelcare Video, Movement, and Sound Monitor, Gray/white

There are many reasons why this is one of the top rated video baby monitors on Amazon. It comes with a 2.75” LCD touch screen, the range is up to 650-feet, it has a temperature display and control, and of course, the highlight is the under-the-mattress movement sensor pad.

angelcareAngelcare preaches that their video baby monitor will give parents the peace of mind they deserve, and many customers echo that sentiment. You can use the sensor pad up until the baby turns 24-months old. After that, the baby will be too big and the sensor won’t detect the movement properly. The key in the sensor is that it detects the repetitive and slight motions that your baby uses when they breathe or move around. Once they get to be a certain age, the sensor is basically useless because it won’t accurately detect the motions because they aren’t repetitive.

While there definitely are some downfalls when it comes to using a movement sensor pad with your video baby monitor, the benefits outweigh the negatives in most people’s minds. If you’re looking for a little extra peace of mind while your child sleeps, then you owe it to yourself to give this Angelcare video baby monitor a try!

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