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Video Baby Monitors Suitable for Deaf Parents

If you happen to be a deaf parent or have a hard time hearing things, then a video baby monitor could still be a valuable piece of equipment for you and your baby. Even if you can’t hear the sound coming from the monitor, you can still see the screen with your little one on it. Some video baby monitors even have different visual alerts that can give you cues that your baby is making sound, even though you can’t hear it!

Features to Look Out For

infant-optics-dxr8-2Video baby monitors are actually great for deaf parents. Standard audio monitors may have vibration features when sound is detected, but you won’t really know if your baby needs you or if they may have just sneezed to set off the vibration. With the video feature, you can actually watch your baby to see if they are making any movements that would signal that they need you.

Some video baby monitors have vibration features, but the most important feature to look at for deaf parents is sound activation. Monitors use sound activation in different ways. Some have blinking lights every time sound is detected in the baby’s room. Others will actually darken the screen when there is no sound for a certain amount of time, but will light up and show the image when sound is detected. Most video baby monitors have a very sensitive audio feature, so you are sure to never miss a moment that your child needs you, even if you can’t hear them.

Other Things to Consider

When you aren’t able to hear what your baby is doing, it makes it even more important to be able to see what they are doing. Buying a video baby monitor with a large screen will help you know exactly when your baby needs you. You can more quickly identify their movements and intervene whenever it’s necessary.

Also, some video baby monitors operate over WiFi, so you can view the video on your smartphone or tablet. Most of those types have a free app that you can download and personalize however you need to. You can set it up where your phone will alert you when sound or motion is detected. The alert will come in the same way as a text message, so you can have it set up to vibrate, light the screen up or both.

Top Video Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

Just because you are hearing impaired doesn’t mean that you can’t properly take care of your child. With technology today, there’s always a way to get around anything like that. Here is one of the top overall choices of video baby monitors for deaf parents.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens, White/Beige

infant-optics-dxr8The neat thing about the Infant Optics DXR-8 video baby monitor is that it has a row of colorful LED lights along the side of the monitor that will light up when your baby makes a sound. This is perfect if you aren’t able to keep your eye on the monitor for an extended amount of time. All you have to do is set it up where the lights will grab your attention.

You can also adjust your views with the interchangeable lenses that this video baby monitor offers. The screen is 3.5”, but the different lenses make it look even larger than that. For people who can’t hear very well, the size of the screen, the interchangeable lenses and the LED sound activated lights all combine to give them the ideal video baby monitor. Never again will you have to worry about whether your baby is alerting you or not!

When you have the proper equipment to know when your child is making sound, then your life will be a lot less stressful. A video baby monitor may not necessarily solve all of the issues that you face, but it definitely will help. If this video baby monitor doesn’t fit your style or needs, then you can always try one that works through your smartphone. Chances are you use your smartphone for other things anyway, so being able to personalize it to meet your needs is a great positive!

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