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Potential Security Issues with Video Baby Monitors

Having a video baby monitor is one of the most convenient things that you can own when you have a baby. But would you be willing to sacrifice that convenience if you knew your child’s security was in question?

That is a question that a lot of parents have had to face when buying a video baby monitor. There have been numerous stories of these monitors getting hacked into and allowing complete strangers to watch and talk to your child when you don’t even know about it. Not only are these types of stories increasing, but they are also getting even more concerning.

How Does This Happen?

Just because you may not have someone sitting outside your house tapping into your WiFi doesn’t mean you are safe from strangers spying on your child. In many cases, people from across the world are actually spying on children while they are in video monitor6

Obviously, there isn’t a threat of that individual coming into your house since they might be across the world, but it’s still unnerving. They are able to tap into your video baby monitor by finding out the password and getting in through the app. Once that happens, they can see and talk to your child just like you can.

Some children have complained that they are hearing voices that aren’t their parents coming through the monitor. The spies will sometimes only talk when the kid is alone, but sometimes they will even do it when the parent is in the room to scare them too. There isn’t a particular brand or model that is more susceptible than others, either. All video baby monitors have the potential to be hacked into, just like any other type of technology.

What Can You Do?

First off, if you’re using the default password that the manufacturer set for the video baby monitor, then change it immediately. Many models will force you to change the password because of the possibility of a security breach. And don’t make the password something easy to guess. The more complex the password, the harder it will be for hackers to figure it out.

But that may not be enough. You have to realize that hackers are extremely smart people and they can figure out even the most complex passwords at times. You can go a step further and password protect your WiFi at home with a complex password as well. Never keep the default password and definitely don’t leave it open completely. Making the hacker try to figure out two complex passwords will make it much more difficult for them to potentially tap into your video baby monitor.

What Should My Level of Concern Be?

People who hack into WiFi and other electronics are generally smarter than you are. They know how to get into a lot of people’s technology and you won’t even know they are in it. Sometimes their intentions of spying on your baby are just for fun and to scare you and the baby. But you never know when they have bad intentions and could potentially harm your child. When you take all the precautionary measures that you can to protect your baby, there’s not much else you can video monitor

Some video baby monitors are more vulnerable than others, so be sure to do your research before you purchase one. Make sure that you are able to set your own password, that way you can make it very difficult to crack. As long as you have a difficult password set, then the likelihood of your video baby monitor getting hacked in to will decrease drastically.

The bottom line is that any piece of technology is susceptible to getting hacked in to. If you buy a video baby monitor, then you shouldn’t be so worried that you stay up at night wondering whether someone else is looking at your baby. If you are worried all the time, then a video baby monitor probably isn’t for you. But if you understand the risks and do whatever you can do to protect your baby and keep them secure, then there’s a good chance that you will never run into any security issues with your video baby monitor.

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