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Largest Screen on a Video Baby Monitor

If you’re going to buy a video baby monitor rather than the standard audio monitor, then you obviously are interested in watching your baby in addition to hearing them. There are a lot of great things about video baby monitors, but some of the screen sizes can be pretty small. Anything less than 3” can be difficult to see unless you have perfect eyesight. Luckily, there are plenty of video baby monitors that have larger screens than that!

Why Large Screens are Beneficial

Large screens of 5” or larger are beneficial since you can easily see the screen without having to strain your eyes. There’s a better chance that you will miss something if you have a smaller screen as well. Another great advantage is that if you have two or more cameras hooked up, you can split the screens and watch both of them at once. That can be pretty challenging with a smaller screen, so a large screen is clearly better from that aspect.

Are Larger Screens too Bulky?

Technology nowadays is trending towards being larger. Whether it’s tablets or smartphones, the larger the size, the better the device. You generally won’t be carrying the display screen from the video baby monitor in your pocket a lot, so you’ll definitely want to buy the largest one that you can afford. Most of the time you’ll be doing other things, like cooking, cleaning or washing dishes while you have the monitor handy. Being able to stand up the screen and see it from a distance will be a lot more convenient than having to get up close to it to make sure your baby is fine.

Top Video Baby Monitors with Large Screens

You can find plenty of video baby monitors with screens larger than 3”, but there aren’t many that exceed 5”. In fact, there is really only one brand that manufactures a screen that’s at least 5” big, and that’s Summer Infant. Here are two of the top video baby monitors that have large screens that you will enjoy:

Foscam FBM3501 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor

Foscam-FBM3501-2With the Foscam FMB3501 Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor – Pan/Tilt, Nightvision and Two-Way Audio with 3.5” LCD, you will enjoy a basic monitor with some convenient features. The 3.5” color screen is nice to have because you will see a large and clear image of your child whether it is daytime or nighttime.

You will also enjoy being able to carry the monitor with you for a long range, as it is one of the industry leaders in range. It is one of the most reasonably priced video baby monitors on the market when you consider how many features it has. There are plenty other video baby monitors that are more expensive than this one, but they have fewer features.

Summer Infant Wide View Digital Video Baby Monitor

You won’t find many video baby monitors that have a larger screen than the Summer Infant Wide View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor. With the 5” color screen, you will be able to see a large view of your child, even if you have a hard time seeing screens normally. The image displayed is sharp and crystal clear, which is why it is one of the most popular options for parents.

summer-infant-wideview-2The wide angle also adds to the display, which makes it appear even larger than 5”. The wide view camera allows you to see up to four times more of the baby’s room when compared to most other video baby monitors. That feature combined with the large screen makes it seem like you are watching your baby in person!

Believe it or not, the large screens don’t necessarily mean that the price of the video baby monitor is going to be a lot higher. Other features are more important in driving up the price, so you can get some fairly affordable video baby monitors with large screens. If you will be using your video baby monitor frequently, then you owe it to yourself to get the largest screen that you can afford. If you can’t see your baby when they are sleeping in person, then the next best thing is to view them on the largest screen possible so it can seem like you are right there with them.

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