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How Good is the Battery Life in Video Baby Monitors?

When you’re deciding on whether you want to buy a video baby monitor, there are a lot of different things you have to take into consideration. Every house has a different setup, so a monitor that is good for someone may not be the best option for you. One of the things that gets overlooked when shopping for video baby monitors is the battery life. Anything that has an LCD screen will drain batteries pretty quickly, and that’s no different when you’re talking about video baby monitors.

Luckily, most video baby monitors come with an AC adapter so you can plug them into an electrical outlet to conserve batteries. Sometimes, though, you won’t be near an electrical outlet and it will be more convenient to carry the monitor around with you. In those cases, you’ll need to make sure that the batteries are charged up enough so you won’t lose power when you need it most.

How Long will Batteries Last?

baby video monitor5This varies depending on the type of video baby monitor you buy. You can find some with screens as little as 2” and as large as 5” or more. Obviously, the bigger the screen, the more battery power will be used. On a full charge, you can expect the video baby monitor to run on battery power for about 2-3 hours. That’s obviously not enough to get you through the night, so most people keep it plugged in during the night.

The battery life can vary also depending on whether the video baby monitor has a feature to make the screen go dark when sound or movement isn’t detected. Some models actually have a sound activation feature that makes the screen go dark if no sound is detected after 20 seconds. But once your baby makes a sound, then the screen will turn back on again. That is a pretty good feature if one of your concerns is extending the battery life of your video baby monitor.

What Can You Do to Extend the Battery Life?

baby video monitor4Just like anything else, the batteries in your video baby monitor will eventually wear out to the point where they won’t work at all. When that happens, you will only be able to use the monitor when it’s plugged in to an electrical outlet. Another alternative is buying a new battery for it, but that may be costly. Depending on the model that you have, buying a new battery may not be justified since you could buy a whole new unit for just a few dollars more.

If you want to try to extend your battery life, it’s important to have a balance between plugging it in and using it on battery power. When the unit is plugged in all the time, it actually does more harm for the battery life than good. As a general rule, it’s best to unplug the monitor when it’s fully charged when possible. Of course, that is tough to do in the middle of the night, but as long as you are conscious about not keeping it plugged in at all other times, then you will be helping extend the battery life.

When to Replace the Battery or the Video Baby Monitor Itself

If your battery life doesn’t last more than about an hour on your video baby monitor, then you should consider buying a new battery or a completely new unit. An hour isn’t a very long time, especially when you are trying to do things around the house while your baby is taking a nap.

You always need to keep an eye on your child when they are sleeping, and that is especially important if your child has special needs. If you don’t have a reliable battery in your video baby monitor, then you are really putting your baby at risk because you won’t be able to hear or see them when they need you. Most video baby monitors have a pretty good battery life, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the battery or the unit for a few years. As long as you do your part in helping extend the battery life, you should be pretty pleased with how long it will last overall.

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