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Does Radiation from Video Baby Monitors Hurt Babies?

It’s widely known that technology is capable of enhancing almost every aspect of your life. A video baby monitor is no different. Several years ago, you could only buy the analog monitors that transmitted audio only, but now you can actually see your child on a screen. Since most video baby monitors are wireless, the questions has popped up about the possibility of the radio waves damaging the health of your baby.

The reality is that research and medicine is moving at a slower pace than technology. As a result, there aren’t any proven facts that the radiation from video baby monitors is harmful to babies. What is known is that a human’s brain doesn’t fully develop until they are around 20-years old. Knowing that information should make you want to keep your child safe from as many harmful radio waves as possible.

How Dangerous Could it be to Own a Video Baby Monitor?

baby video monitor7In the world we live in today, there’s no way you can keep your child completely away from radio waves. Just about anywhere you go will be WiFi or cell phone towers nearby. Of course, the closer you get to these waves, the more potentially harmful they could be.

Many people are in agreement that the radiation transmitted by cell phone towers is potentially harmful. That’s why you won’t see many of them located near schools or neighborhoods. Children are more susceptible to being in danger of the radio waves since their brains are still developing.

An argument could be made that video baby monitors cause the same potential harm. They don’t transmit nearly as many radio waves because of the smaller size, but on the other side, the waves are much closer to them when they are in the nursery. When you have the equipment only a few feet away from your baby, the chances of them being affected from the radio waves will definitely increase.

Are There Any Known Cases of Kids Who Have Been Harmed by Video Baby Monitors?

Since video baby monitors are still fairly new in terms of the research that could be conducted on them, it’s hard to say whether they are actually harmful. At this point, it’s mostly speculation and comparing the types of waves transmitted through video baby monitors compared to larger structures like cell phone towers.

When it comes to your baby’s health, you can never be too careful. If you have any sort of doubt or fear about the potential dangers of video baby monitors, then don’t use one. It may be many more years before any legitimate studies and results are conducted about how the radio waves could negatively affect the brain of children.

What Precautions can be Taken?

If you believe you absolutely have to have a video baby monitor, then try to set it up as far away from your child as you can. The further away they are from the radio waves being transmitted, the better off they will be.

baby video monitor3Also, it’s best to only use the video baby monitor when you really need it. If your baby’s room is close to the master bedroom where you sleep, then you may not need the video baby monitor at night. You should be able to hear them without a monitor at all if you are close enough. Alternatively, you could get a standard audio baby monitor to use at night as well, which is a little safer since the radio waves aren’t as strong.

The main time that people indicate video baby monitors are useful is during naptime. When your baby is napping during the day, you probably will want to get other things accomplished during that time. Having the video baby monitor to watch over them while you do your chores is pretty convenient. The radio waves are still being transmitted, but it’s only for a couple hours each day usually.

So as we stand today, there isn’t any definitive proof that babies can be harmed by the radiation given off by video baby monitors. That doesn’t mean that they are completely safe, but the research just hasn’t been completed yet to show either side. If you have any doubts, then avoid them. But most people are taking their chances on them because of the known benefits and conveniences that video baby monitors offer.

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