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Summer Infant is More Than Just A Brand

Keeping your child safe at all times is your number one priority as a parent. Unfortunately, you can’t be with your child every second of every day. That’s where a good quality video baby monitor can step in and make your life much easier.

Summer Infant makes some of the best quality and dependable video baby monitors on the market. When you own one, you will be able to keep an eye on your child even when you aren’t in the same room as them!

High Quality or Over Priced?

Summer Infant is a pretty reputable brand when it comes to baby products. They are constantly trying to improve the quality of their video baby monitors by keeping up with the technology trends. You can consider Summer Infant to be a mid-range product when it comes to video baby monitors. They don’t have the absolute best quality products, but they also don’t charge outrageous prices.

In general, customers like the different features that most Summer Infant video baby monitors have. They do some things better than other brands, but they also do some things worse than other brands. If you’re looking for a decent quality video baby monitor that isn’t too overpriced, then you should consider Summer Infant.

Top Two Summer Infant Product Reviews

Summer Infant Wide View Color Video Baby Monitor

If you have a large room, or a child that likes to move around a lot, then you need a video baby monitor that can show the entire room. That’s exactly what this one does, and it displays the video on a large 5” color LCD screen. With the ability to see up to four times as much of the room, you will surely be able to see every move your child makes.

The combination of the wide view, large screen and two-way communication, it’s almost like being in the room with your child. The only downfall of this Summer Infant video baby monitor is that you can’t move the camera remotely. You will have to position the camera perfectly to optimize the amount of vision you have before you leave the room.

Summer Infant Dual View Color Video Baby Monitor

The ability to have two cameras and watch them both from a split screen monitor is more of a necessity than people think. Unless you plan to keep your baby in one room at all times, then it is nice to have two cameras and not have to move it all the time.

People love the image quality on the 3.5” LCD color screen, and also the ability to zoom, pan and scan with both cameras. One downfall with this video baby monitor is that you’ll need to have a strong wireless signal, or you may experience some interference that will prevent you from watching your child at all times.

More About Summer Infant

One of Summer Infant’s main traditions that they continue to uphold is providing products that will keep your baby safe. The company was essentially founded in 1985, when William Lockett III wanted to keep his baby, named Summer, safe while he tended to other things. Lockett developed and created a bouncy seat for Summer, and the company was started from that product.

Whether consumers need products for the bathroom, traveling, the nursery, or just to have a peace of mind when their eyes can’t be on the child at all times, there’s a good chance that Summer Infant can help out. Each product that’s manufactured is tried and tested to ensure that it is the safest that it can possibly be.

The company even works closely with pediatricians and child development experts to make sure that they are providing the best possible experience for babies and parents. Not only are they dedicated to providing safe products, but they also want to help your child develop properly.

Many people know about Summer Infant because of their video baby monitors, but they offer much more to parents and children. Each product that’s developed has the safety of the child in mind. At Summer Infant, they know parents can’t be with their child every second of every day. That’s why they offer products to help reduce the stress on parents and create a safe environment for the child.

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